Urban installation TOFUD # Amsterdam Zuidas

Frank Havemans TOFUD#Amsterdam Zuidas

TOFUD # Amsterdam Zuidas

Artist in residence and exhibition Virtueel Museum Zuidas 2010

My project on the Zuidas was realized in tofud: my ‘Temporary Office For Urban Development’. I set up this office every time a concrete situation presents itself. This time it was in the Sint Nicolaas chapel, part of the Sint Nicolaas complex in the Beatrix Parkthat has been confiscated by Amsterdam’s Zuidas – an environment that is inversely proportional to the area for which the monastery and the accompanying secondary school must eventually make way. Tofud is a long-term project that examines the development of cities and urban areas. Starting with a situation that is undergoing development, it creates a completely different picture for the future. It looks at how a particular city district could grow in a situation where spatial conditions are not delimitedby financial and political considerations. It even defines the laws of gravity. In particular, tofud provides models for spatial planning that can act as a catalyst for the thinking on a certain area and the actions ensuing from this. It does not present any final pictures; rather, it offers ideas and guidelines along which a city can develop. These models can be the foundation for an alternative urban design model. In the first instance, however, they constitute matter for discussion.

Frank Havermans TOFUD#Amsterdam ZuidasFrank Havermans TOFUD Amsterdam ZuidasFrank Havermans TOFUD Amsterdam Zuidas Frank Havermans models TOFUD # Amsterdam ZuidasFrank Havermans TOFUD # Amsterdam Zuidas pre model 2

Photography by Ron Zijlstra. All rights reserved Ron Zijlstra, Amsterdam.