Sea Observatory KAPKAR/ DW-F370

Sea Observatory KAPKAR/ DW-F370 | Study 

The sketch design of the sea observatory I made a last year for the new made sand dunes along the Dutch coast is now published in the latest issue of Mark Magazine #37, in the section Notice Board.
The imagery of the KAPKAR/DW-F370 is a mixture between the heavy machines which where used to strengthen the costal defense between Hoek van Holland and Den Haag, the hidden German bunkers in the dunes and the nearby industry of the port of Rotterdam. The design is a self powered vessel that’s driving up en down on the rhythm of tides of the sea. The tracks which are provided with characters are pushing a constant message in the sand.

Frank Havermans KAPKAR/ DW-F370

Renders by Jaap Janssen

Frank Havermans KAPKAR/ DW-F370

KAPKAR/ DW-F370 Frank Havermans

Sea Observatory KAPKAR/ DW-F370

Sea Observatory  KAPKAR/ DW-F370

KAPKAR/ DW-F370 at nightKAPKAR/ DW-F370 daySea Observatory KAPKAR/ DW-F370 vistor part

KAPKAR: DW-F370 Delfland

KAPKAR/ DW-F370 in MARK Magazine #37