Frank Havermans Architectural Constructions

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cover book Frank Havermans Architectural Constructions

Frank Havermans Architectural Constructions

text by Jos Bosman, Aaron Betsky, Charles Esche, Linda Vlassenrood

Design: Strange Attractors Design, Rotterdam-New York

Illustrated (colour)

Hardback, 194 pages, 23 x 28 cm English/ Dutch edition

ISBN 978-90-5662-701-0, € 42.00 /

NAI010 Publishers, Rotterdam


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February 2010

With the support of the Netherlands Architecture Fund and the Netherlands Foundation for Visual Arts, Design and Architec ture (Fonds BKVB), Stokroos Foundation and the Province of North Brabant, allocated by the Brabant Expertise Centre for Art and Culture (BKKC)

There is growing national and international interest in the work of Frank Havermans (b. Breda, 1967). He constructs complex spatial structures using simple means, without the intervention of an engineer or building contractor. His work stems from a combined fascination with architectonic space and archi¬tectural structure. Alongside this fascination, materiality and the production process play prominent roles in his work. His sphere of activity embraces the whole spectrum of architecture, from furniture and interior to installations, buildings and large-scale urbanism.

Alongside comprehensive documentation of all the important works created by Frank Havermans since 1998, this monograph presents a discussion of the surprising approaches that make his work so intriguing to so many architects. The book presents the maquettes and scale models alongside the final outcome, together with photos of the work’s materialization, a reflection of the pivotal nature of the production process. Intriguing project texts by Havermans himself explain how each work came about. The book includes an introductory text by Jos Bosman and essays by Aaron Betsky, Charles Esche and Linda Vlassenrood.

Frank Havermans was the laureate of the Hout Architectuurprijs (Wood Architecture Prize) in 2006 and was shortlisted for that year’s AM NAI Prize, while in 2007 he received an honourable mention in the Nederlandse Bouwprijs (Dutch Building Prize).

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