Secret Operation 610 in NEO2, spread

Secret Operation 610 in NEO2 Septembre/ Octobre 2014

Secret Operation 610 in NEO2, Spain ‘New Spaces’ by RAAAF/ Studio Frank Havermans together with ‘Format Elf’ by Hofgut [DE] and ‘Studio 59′ by Valerie van der Put [B] Creative Culture Septembre/ Octobre 2014  

Hello Wood | Workshop 'Balance' | Hungary | 2014

Hello Wood | Architectural experiments, international workshop 19-27 July, Csorompuszta, Hungary

Hello Wood Architectural Experiments international workshop, Csorompuszta, Hungary 19-27 July 2014 Theme 2014 ‘BALANCE’ . I had a really great week at the Hello Wood summer camp in Csórompusztán Hungary. Together with seven talented young people I worked on designing and making an installation in only six days. Long days of working and long night … Continue reading


Contemporary Follies Landgoed Beeckestijn, Velsen (NL)

Please feel welcome at the opening of the exhibition ‘Zomeren op de buitenplaats’ ( Summer at the country seat) in the style gardens of country seat Beeckestijn in the city of Velsen. Ten artists made new works for this exhibition, with the theme:  ‘contemporary follies’. . My installation is build on and attached to one … Continue reading

Yearbook 2013/2014 - Architecture in the Netherlands | nai010 Publishers

Secret Operation 610 in Yearbook 2013/2014 – Architecture in the Netherlands

RAAAF & Studio Frank Havermans are proud that Secret Operation 610 is one of the selected projects in ‘Yearbook 2013/2014 – Architecture in the Netherlands’. . . nai010 Publishers, Rotterdam . Edited by: Tom Avermaete Hans van der Heijden Edwin Oostmeijer Linda Vlassenrood .   . . . . . . .  

Uitnodiging Invisible Cities |Cityscapes gallery Amsterdam

Invicible Cities – Cityscapes Gallery Amsterdam

Opening May 10, 17.30 hrs Cities, like dreams, are made of desires and fears, even if the thread of their discourse is secret, their rules are absurd, their perspectives deceitful, and everything conceals something else. (I. Calvino) Cityscapes Gallery cordially invites you to the exhibition ‘Invisible Cities’, showing recent work by Frank Havermans, Alexa Meyerman … Continue reading

KAPKAR- BB-N34 | a video by Suyin Tjon A Hie and Laurens Verwoest | 2014

Great video of the beacon KAPKAR/ BB-N34 by Suyin Tjon A Hie & Laurens Verwoest

Thank you so much Suyin Tjon A Hie and Laurens Verwoest for making this great documentary film about the making of the fire beacon KAPKAR/ BB-34. With nice shots in my studio, the production hall from Koos Schaart and on the site at the fire department in Borger during the assemblage. (3.20 min) . Film … Continue reading

1. Studio Frank Havermans | LandSlide Markham Toronto | photo by Will Putz

KAPKAR / 4P-CL8 | Land/Slide Possible Futures | Markham Toronto

KAPKAR / 4P-CL8 | Land/Slide Possible Futures | Markham Toronto September 21 – October 14, 2013 – Artist in Residence + exhibiton Jan-Feb 2014 part of the Shenzhen-Hong Kong Bi-City Bienale for Urbanism & Architecture 2014, Shenzhen Canadian Pavillion. . ‘Frank Havermans builds on an extant pulley system to create an internal web that suspends an external … Continue reading

Rietveld-Landscape | Studio Frank Havermans | Secret Operations 610 | photography René de Wit

Secret Operation 610 | Studio Frank Havermans + RAAAF

Secret Operation 610 | Flight Base Soesterberg NL  . Together  Studio Frank Havermans and RAAAF (Rietveld Architecture-Art-Affordances)  have developed ‘Secret Operation 610′ for Vrede van Utrecht 2013 (The Peace of Utrecht festival). When aircraft Shelter 610 opens its ruthless doors, a monstrous black behemoth slowly comes driving out. The object revives the mysterious atmosphere of the Cold War and its accompanying … Continue reading

Studio Frank Havermans | KAPKAR/ BB-N34

Beacon KAPKAR / BB-N34 | Fire Department, Borger

Beacon KAPKAR / BB-N34 | Fire Department, Borger BEACON 2013 . The fire department of the town of Borger since several years dwells in a new fire station, which is strategically replaced from the centre of the village to a location at the crossroads of the local highways N34 and N374. Here the right direction to the … Continue reading

KAPKAR/ CDH-P2P, Groningen | praathuis / chat house | Studio Frank Havermans | photo by René de Wit

Chat House KAPKAR / CDH-P2P, Corpus den Hoorn, Groningen, NL

KAPKAR / CDH-P2P Het Proathoes, Corpus den Hoorn, Groningen | KAPKAR / CDH-P2P, chat house, Corpus den Hoorn, Groningen, NL The design KAPKAR/ CDH-P2P was chosen by the residents of the quarter Corpus Den Hoorn in Groningen to be build after a design contest. The meeting place is a gift to the community from the … Continue reading

Roof scape KAPKAR/ WVA-6F Hong Kong at Wan Chai Visual Archive

Illegal rooftop structure KAPKAR / WVA-6F @ Wan Chai Visual Archive Hong Kong Biennale

KAPKAR/ WVA-6F illegal rooftop structure Wan Chai Visual Archive | Hong Kong Shenzhen Bi-city Biennale for Architecture and Urbanism: Tri-ciprocal Cities 15-02 | 23-04-2012 Thanks to Wan Chai Visual Archive: Alvin Yip, Louise Wan Sze Lo, Woody Yip, The Kingdom of the Netherlands: Robert Schuddeboom, The Mondriaanfund, ACTS: Carl Gouw, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, … Continue reading

Frank Havermans TOFUD#Amsterdam Zuidas

Urban installation TOFUD # Amsterdam Zuidas

TOFUD # Amsterdam Zuidas Artist in residence and exhibition Virtueel Museum Zuidas 2010 My project on the Zuidas was realized in tofud: my ‘Temporary Office For Urban Development’. I set up this office every time a concrete situation presents itself. This time it was in the Sint Nicolaas chapel, part of the Sint Nicolaas complex in the Beatrix Parkthat … Continue reading


Sea Observatory KAPKAR/ DW-F370

Sea Observatory KAPKAR/ DW-F370 | Study  The sketch design of the sea observatory I made a last year for the new made sand dunes along the Dutch coast is now published in the latest issue of Mark Magazine #37, in the section Notice Board. The imagery of the KAPKAR/DW-F370 is a mixture between the heavy … Continue reading

MARK 48 cover logo

Secret Operation 610 in MARK #48

  . Cross Section by Francois-Luc Giraldeau ‘Frank Havermans and RAAAF seek inspiration from the Cold War’ .

A10-cover 2014
Shenzhen Bi City Biennaleof Urbanism/Architecture 2013

KAPKAR / 4P-CL8 @ Land/Slide at Shenzhen Urbanism/Architecture Biennale 2013

LAND|SLIDE possible futures——Canada Pavilion The model of my project of Land/Slide Possible Futures, the project I did this summer in Markham Toronto Canada, is part of the Collateral Exhibition at the Hong Kong /Shenzhen Bi-City Biennale of Urbanism\Architecture 2013 in Shenzhen, starting at December 5, 2013 – Februari 28, 2014. URBAN BORDER . Curators: Janine … Continue reading

KAPKAR/ BB-N34 models, Studio Frank Havermans | Zandvoorts Museum

The Elements | Zandvoorts Museum | 04-12-12 / 02-03-2014

The exhibition The Elements is a prelude of The Amsterdam Beach Art Biennale, a biennial multi- and interdisciplinary festival of which the pilot is planned in 2015. The Zandvoorts Museum is host of this project. The exhibition focus lies on art, an important and visual part of the biennale. . . Opening: December 1 at 16.00 hrs. Participating artists: MAURICE BRASPENNING, … Continue reading

scan Eigen Huis en Interieur oktober 2013
Secret Operation 610 in motion | Rietveld Landscape + Studio Frank Havermans | movie by Maurice Spees

Secret Operation 610 moves

Movie Secret Operation 610 in motion RAAAF (Rietveld Landscape)| Studio Frank Havermans movie by Maurice Spees

Studio Frank Havermans trending topic on IIDEX

Frank’s seminar on IIDEX Toronto, Canada

Studio Frank Havermans is invited by the Dutch Embassy for promotion on IIDEX Design and Architecture at booth #439 The International Pavilion, and is speaker on the seminar ‘The Architectural Ingenuity of Studio Frank Havermans’. Link to IIDEX seminar ‘The Architectural Ingenuity of Studio Frank Havermans’.

Secret Operation 610 in NRC door Sandra Smets
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